Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A True Love Story...

Yesterday, I told you that my second anniversary was next week. Well, today is my parents' 31st anniversary.

That's them on their wedding day back in 1981. I look a bit like my mom, don'tcha think?

My parents are wonderful and their marriage is inspiring. The fact that they were both children of divorce/separation and are not only still married after 31 years, but still madly in love is amazing.

Can't you just feel how much they love each other in this picture?

Growing up, watching them love each other is one of life's blessings that I am most thankful for. They taught me how to be a true partner to someone; to fully be a part of a marriage, not just a fixture in it.

They taught me how to be a support system and how to let myself be supported. I'm stubborn and independent and I hate asking for help, but because of them (and because I know my husband loves and cares for me) I know it's OK to share the load.

They taught me that it's OK to be demonstrative and lovey-dovey and sneak smooches in the kitchen when you think no one is looking. As big a fuss as I made about it growing up, it was always reassuring to know how much they love they still had (and continue to have) for each other over the years.

They taught me that it's OK to have your own space and to do your own thing. The whole world won't fall apart if you're not connected at the hip with your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend. Get out in the world and have your own experiences, then come home and share your adventure with each other.

Most importantly, though, they taught me respect. Respect for myself and my partner. Because that's what it is, a partnership. And you can't truly be in a great partnership until you respect the other person. And you should respect yourself enough to demand that same respect back.

I don't know exactly what their secret is. I don't even know if they do, but whatever it is, it's working and I can only hope to emulate their relationship in my own.

What about you? What do you think are the keys to a long-lasting, loving marriage? Pin It Now!

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