Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Week; One Weekend

Today marks one week that I have officially been blogging! I am super excited about all the great feedback and comments I've received so far :) Thank you to everyone that has visited!

I had an extremely productive "grown-up" weekend. Let's see, I (sometimes we...)
  • Had a dinner date night with the hubs
  • Grocery shopped at Sam's (BIG ordeal)
  • Divided, packaged and froze said Sam's purchases
  • Took the dog for grooming
  • Caught up on some much needed sleep
  • Went to Hobby Lobby and got a ton of stuff  (including my very first ever glue gun...)
  • Took 3 different trips to Home Depot (and scored some awesome deals on "oops paint" for future use!)
  • Won tickets to Ziegenbock Music Festival coming up in October! (I've never won anything before ever! And yes, you had to text in "beer" to win...)

  • Replaced light bulbs in our kitchen and bathroom that have been out
  • Signed up for DirecTV to get rid of our current provider who has given us nothing but terrible customer service and to get NFL Sunday ticket so I can watch my Cowboys play even though all they show locally are the Texans!!!!
  • Worked on several craft projects (I'll be sharing these with you later! Hint, they involve corks and paint and sanding...)

  • Updated our "garden" with a new rosemary plant
  • Created a rig to hook our new dish to, so we don't have to drill into the house we're renting and so we'll have mobile dish TV in the future (tailgates, camping, etc.)
  • Tried out a new hard cider. It's pretty tasty. Not too sweet, very crisp and refreshing! The hubs, typically a beer drinker who despises ciders, seemed to enjoy it. Also, it's gluten free, so that's a plus if you have a concern about that. It's called Angry Orchard. Here's a pic:

  • Edited some pictures for future posts
  • Did some last minute grocery shopping for things I forgot earlier in the week (I didn't put them on my list!)
  • Made an awesome easy peasy delicious dessert. Here's a sneak peak of those...

Whew! That makes me tired just reading! What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?

**Note: no one has asked, paid or otherwise swayed me to to mention/picture their brands or products. I use what I like and I like to share my opinions :)
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