Saturday, July 28, 2012

Upcycling Wine Corks

Last week, I hinted at some corky craftiness.

If you've been on Pinterest lately, you know that cork crafts are everywhere! Last weekend I decided to try my hand at making a couple. My favorite is my framed cord board, and it was SUPER easy to make :)

You'll need:

  • Picture frame--I used a simple black 11x17 frame that I got at Hobby Lobby for $5 in their 50% frames deal. You can use any size you want, really and can find them anywhere
  • Corks, and lots of them. My frame used 100 total.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. I think I used at least 10 of the 4 inch mini sticks

Start by figuring out how you want your corks to be laid out. I decided on alternating between 2 vertical and 2 horizontal.

You'll then need to lay out a row and a column along one edge of the frame to determine if you'll need to cut any corks. While I was doing this, I realized that I had corks of different sizes, which worked out perfectly. to avoid cutting any corks, I ended up having to use a pair of the shortest corks in a vertical position in each column. This gave me about a half inch of extra space so that the longer corks would fit everywhere else. I hope that makes sense! Or is it clear as mud?

Once I laid out a row and column, I started gluing pairs of corks together and then laid them out where they would go. You don't need to do this, but it makes it waaaaay easier to lay out and glue down.

Sorry this one's a bit blurry!

Once I knew that all of my corks would fit, and after rearranging them to suit my personal preference, I started gluing the pairs down. I glued them directly to the glass in the frame. Some people have suggested taking the glass out and gluing them to the backing of the frame. I think it really depends on how sturdy the backing is. Gluing on the glass worked for me and it eliminated the extra step of taking the glass out.

While gluing them down, I started with the pairs of corks around the edges and then worked pair by pair across and down to make sure no shifting happened during the process.

Once I was done, I had to figure out where to put it. I decided that my living room would be the best place. We have a little reading/sitting corner that was looking a little bland. 

Not a great picture, but you get the idea..

And this is (almost) what it looks like now!

The birdcage hanger also came from Hobbly Lobby and the picture on the right came from a little shop in Rockport, TX.

I added one more thing to the mix, but I'll share that along with final pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned!

The other cork crafts didn't turn out exactly like I'd imagined, so I'll be sharing those with you later once I get  a) more corks and b) more practice with better results.

Have you created anything with corks lately? Or have you seen something you'd love to recreate? Pin It Now!

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  1. I made one of these a couple of months ago. Used an inexpensive (free) tray that was under a purchase of assorted dried fruits. I glued the corks into the tray and attached a picture hanger to the back. I hung it near my kitchen phone and inserted about a dozen colorful push pins into the corks. I use it for doctor appt. cards, reminder notes, etc.


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