Thursday, August 2, 2012

Accessory Storage

Up until today, my accessories (belts, clutches and wallets specifically) have been stored in the drawers of my husband's night stand. Which looked a bit like this:

This setup was no good for either of us. He sleeps in later than I do in the mornings, so as I'm rushing to get out the door, I would frantically try to quietly dig in the dark for that cute skinny gray (or navy or black or tan) patent belt I love so much. It almost always resulted in a grumpy grunt from my still-sleeping husband who is most assuredly not a morning person. Like I said, not good.

So, when I was at IKEA the last time (the same trip I bought this), I found these two lovelies from the SKUBB collection, and in them a perfect, simple solution to my morning heartache.

I hung up the hanger in our spare guest closet and assembled the 4-pack of boxes (they're super easy; you just zip them right on up!).

Then I moved all of my belts and clutches to the guest room and started organizing them into the 4 boxes.

I used one for wallets, one for travel-type/make-up bags, one for my evening clutches and the last box for all of my skinny belts.

Then I put each of the boxes into the hanger, starting with the clutches/wallets on top and then filling in the belts. I put my thicker belts in the open slots, since they're easier to contain and I'll have super easy, grab-and-go access.

Best part about this solution (other than not having to disturb my husband in the morning)? On the other side of  this closet door hangs my full length mirror which I take a look in right before I walk out the door anyway. Perfect!

How do you go about organizing your accessories?

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