Monday, August 13, 2012

Canvas Craft Save

I've been trying really hard to complete some of my Pinterest projects. This weekend, I intended to recreate this project.

It failed. Miserably.

Best guess why? I didn't go back and read the tutorial before I went at it...

Yeah, sometimes that helps, I know.

I started with this:

I sprayed and then Mod Podged a picture from a magazine onto the canvas.

I should have left it like this. I really liked how this looks looked.

Then, I put my repositionable vinyl letters over the picture (yes, I did think far enough ahead to buy repositionable letters) and then painted over it.

I waited somewhat patiently for the paint to dry and then went about peeling off the letters. What I didn't think about was the fact that the adhesive on the letters would pull off parts of the dried Mod Podge. So rather than a G, it looked more like a toddler's scribble. I didn't take a picture, because I was so frustrated with how it turned out. Oh well.

Not wanting to be wasteful, and still quite frustrated, I ripped the picture off the canvas and painted over it furiously and set it to the side. 

Eventually, I went back to it. I traced the outline of a "K" in pencil and then painted it a light blue. 

After a couple of coats and some drying time, I put the stencil back over it and outlined the K in navy. I made any necessary touch-ups, and here you go:

And a zoomed out shot (some of these are the same pictures from yesterday, but I want you to see how it looks in the room as a whole...)

I do think I'm going to keep Mr. Owl....

So, what do you think? Not perfect, but not bad for something that almost went in the trash.

Lessons learned:
!. Read the instructions first.
2. If all else fails: get creative! Pin It Now!

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