Sunday, August 26, 2012

HMNS Cockrell Butterfly Center

About a month ago, we took a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We went to visit the new Paleontology Hall and the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Admittance into the CBC is $4 for members and $8 for non-members. I do believe you can just get a ticket to the butterfly center without a ticket to the main hall, so it's super budget friendly!

The CBC has more than just butterflies, so for all of you who like or who have kids who like creepy crawlies, it's got plenty to see. You walk in and up the stairs...

...and are greeted by this happy fellow:

Upstairs in the Brown Hall of Entomology are a ton of different exhibits of different bugs:

 (These are just scratching the surface. I couldn't bear to take pictures of some of them. Yuck!)

The exhibit includes a life cycle case where you can see real life chrysalis(es?) in different stages. It's really pretty neat.

There are also 2 HUGE frames of preserved butterflies.

Then, you walk outside into the Rain Forest Conservatory. It's a 3 story habitat just filled with butterflies flying around. And you get one of these handy dandy little cards to identify what you're looking at.

The butterflies just flutter around and land wherever they want to pose for pictures.

Apologies for all the moving. I was trying to capture everything that I could!

After you've wandered through the rain forest, you can treat yourself to any of these delicacies:

It was very interesting to say the least, but we just had to buy one!

We also visited the Paleontology Hall, but that's for tomorrow :)

Have you ever been to the CBC at HMNS? If so, what was your favorite part? Pin It Now!

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