Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pet Peeve, Schmet Schmeeve

Ittttt's back! Pet Peeve Schmet Schmeeve. The fun little game where you get to vent about something not so great that happened in your day/week/whenever and then follow it up with something you're thankful for.

I originally intended to do this once a week, but then I got overly excited about all my different blogging ideas and haven't kept up. So here we go!

Pet Peeve:
I haven't slept super well the last few nights because of my toe. So I'm pretty tired. And I don't do tired well...everything I do and encounter just seems so much harder.

Because of my lack of sleep, I can't seem to remember anything today. I left my laptop charger at one customer site today and was halfway downtown before one of my team mates asked if the random charger on the floor was mine. So, now my laptop battery is dead and I'm using my little netbook to blog, which is incredibly slow and tedious (that's another reason I'm doing another Pet Peeve Schmet Schmeeve post and not something more in depth ;-) ).

While at a second customer site (the one I was heading downtown for), I let them borrow one of my flash drives to load some software on their new PC's. I left that drive in their office and didn't realize until I was in my car, about to head home. So I had to trudge back down 3 city blocks and up 21 floors to go get it in the pre-summer storm humidity. Ugh.

Schmet Schmeeve
 It's raining. I'm talking thunder-and-lightning-stand-outside-for-10-seconds-and-you're-soaked raining. That's my absolute favorite. Summer storms in Texas can absolutely not be beat. Especially when you're already home in comfy pants, sitting on the couch with your husband like I am. After last summer's drought, a rainy summer is a welcome thing.

What makes it even better is our dinner just arrived. We ordered in Chinese from a little restaurant we went to when we were in school that just happens to have a second location about 5 minutes from our house. Sesame chicken and fried rice...my two favorites together with enough for lunch leftovers tomorrow :)

So, I'm off to eat before it gets cold! What are your Pet Peeve/Schmet Schmeeves from today? Pin It Now!

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