Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pet Peeve, Schmet Schmeeve

Happy Hump Day! The weekend is almost close enough to touch!

It's time for another round of Pet Peeve, Schmet Schmeeve. You know the drill: take a second to think about something not so great that's happened (or happening), and rant about it for a moment. Then, take another second to stop and think about all of the things that are going quite well in your life :)

Here goes!

Pet Peeve
Originally, I didn't have anything to say here today other than it's Wednesday and not Friday, and I really wish it were Friday because of my weekend plans (see Schmet Schmeeve)

But then, I came home and was greeted by the husband telling me about the new "pet" he found, Sallie (and yes, he specified "-ie", not "-y"). WARNING (and spoiler alert): If you don't like spiders, close your eyes and scroll down to the bottom!

Sallie Jo the Texas "Woof" Spider
That's right. Sallie is a spider. A wolf spider, specifically. And she's got her babies with her. *Shiver*

See all those bumps on her rump? Those are teeny tiny baby spiders.
The husband found her outside at the threshold of the door that leads from our garage to the inside of our house and caught her with a little fish net and put her in the terrarium. He's going to set her free in a field a mile or so away from the house tomorrow.

While these guys get pretty big, they're relatively harmless. They're actually good to have around because they eat other poisonous spiders (black widow, brown recluse, etc.) No offense Sallie, but I'm not very keen on having you and your many many babies hanging around...

Repeat: *Shiver*

Schmet Schmeeve
1. As of tomorrow, my best friend is back from her entire summer spent travelling :)
2. The husband and I get to spend the weekend in San Antonio (where I grew up and where my parents live)
3. Said best friend in #1 will also be visiting her family in San Antonio, so we get to hang out and drink margaritas and enjoy the dwindling Texas summer :-D
4. I was featured for my first time ever at Elizabeth & Co's Be Inspired Features and Link Party! I'm so super excited and humbled about that :) :)
5. On a tangent from #4: I reached 2600 page views today!

I know some of you get those kinds of number daily, but that's more traffic than I ever imagined my little corner of the blogosphere would ever see, so thank you!

What are your Pet Peeve/Schmet Scmeeves this week?

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