Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

Hello bloggers! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I'm so wishing it wasn't almost over.

We had a nice, relaxing Friday night at home with some homemade Beef & Broccoli with steamed rice.

The husband had training for work Saturday, which left me to my own devices. I spent the morning doing some shopping then an afternoon of crafting.

All of my goodies!
I am a firm believer that decorating is never really finished. I think that it's something that is ever-changing. Whether it be a total overhaul of a room, rearranging furniture, swapping out pictures, or just adding one little touch, it's never final. So naturally, I'm always looking for inspiration and little knick-knacks to spice up a room.

My absolute favorite stores to shop for home decor are Ross, Home Goods (TJ Maxx), Garden Ridge and Kohl's. They're all (usually) fantastically priced and you can find almost anything you're looking for (or something to turn into what it is you're looking for).

I will say, if you like owls (I adore owls), you should go shopping right now. OK, not right now, right now, but soon. Owls are all over the place at the moment. Partly because they're super trendy and partly because Halloween is coming and they are a big part of Halloween decor this year.

While shopping, I found these little guys ($7.99 for the trio at Home Goods--they were in the Halloween section):

And this guy ($4.99 at Ross):

I'm still not sure if I want to keep him. He is definitely growing on me though. What do you think? Should he stay?

And finally, this little beauty ($1.79 at Michael's):

Saturday night was spent watching football.

I live just outside of Houston, so naturally everyone around me is a Houston Texans fan. I, however, grew up in San Antonio and am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. C'mon, they're America's team. How can you not be a fan? Side note: I am definitely, most assuredly NOT a Romo-holic. I think Jason Garrett needs to find himself a much better QB. That's just my opinion, and I think it's testament to how big a Cowboys fan I actually am.

The Texans played (and won) Saturday night. Dallas plays tomorrow for Monday Night Football. I'm so excited to have MNF back on TV and for the opener to be a Dallas game.

After football, we attempted to find somewhere we could go to watch the meteor shower, but that was a bust. We just couldn't get far enough away from the lights of the city. Bummer.

We spent today cleaning the house and getting ready for the week. I think that my kitchen confession has prompted something in me. I attempted to make some beer bread from scratch this morning.

The texture of the bread turned out...OK...but the taste was disgusting. Ugh.

I'm going to attempt to bake some chicken breasts for dinner tonight to see if I can redeem myself. There's no way I can screw up baked chicken, right? Right? Any suggestions?

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