Tuesday, October 30, 2012

San Antonio Foodie Part 1

Earlier this week, I was called a foodie by one of my coworkers. My immediate reaction was, "What?! I'm not a food snob, I just love to eat!"

While Urban Dictionary's definition of "foodie" leans toward the food snob mindset, I much prefer Dictionary.com's version:

food-ie noun, slang:
a person keenly interested in food, especially eating or cooking. (Minus the cooking part, of course...)

I love to eat. I didn't always, but as I've gotten older, I've grown more adventurous. When I was a kid, "sandwiches" used to consist of rolled up lunch meat, then they graduated to dry white bread and meat. Now, I slap just about everything in between two pieces of any kind of bread and love it!

Now, all of that being said, I am in San Antonio for a few days this week for work. San Antonio is my hometown and I love coming here and eating all of the things at all of the places I'm not close to anymore.

Three of my favorite restaurants in San Antonio are Chris Madrid's, Bill Miller BBQ and Jacala (pronounced "huh-call-uh"), and I get to visit all of them while I'm here!

Monday night, we went to Chris Madrid's. The restaurant opened in 1977 by (who else) a man named Chris Madrid and is famous for their burgers. While there are only 11 items on the menu (including 6 burger varieties and sides), everything is delicious!

Their specialty is the Tostada Burger, with toppings such as refried beans and chips. They also suggest topping it with some of their homemade salsa for an added dimension of flavor.

If you order anything with "Cheddar" in it's name, be prepared to find cheese oozing down the side of your burger and onto your plate.

I have friends who will order a "Cheddar Cheezy" burger, macho-sized (larger patty) and cut all of the excess cheese and meat from around the bun and eat that as an appetizer. It's a bit ridiculous, but ridiculously yummy!

The fries are hand cut and everything is made to order. Did I mention there's a full bar too? If you weren't already sold, you should be now!

**Disclaimer**Like everything else on my blog, these opinions are all mine and no one has asked or given me any kind of compensation for sharing them with you.

We're going to Bill Miller's for lunch and Jacala for dinner today, so come back for some delicious Bar-B-Q and authentic, homemade Mexican food!
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  1. This made me want Chris Madrid's... Lol

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