Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 Days of Thankful Catchup

What I'm most thankful for today is that 24 hours from now, I will be home with my family with a 4 day weekend in front of me :)

This past week has been crazy (as you can probably tell from my lack of posting).

Some of the things I've been thankful for this week are:

1. Friends reruns on Nick at Nite

For some reason, my DVR cleared out all of my scheduled recordings, so I missed an entire week's worth of new stuff (boo-hoo, right? Man, I'm spoiled...). Luckily, I had a bunch (we're talking 80+!) of episodes of Friends recorded and saved to keep me entertained. I so miss this show!

2. Cooler weather. I can finally wear sweaters and layers and boots without roasting after stepping out side for 3 seconds.  The weather has been amazing. Zero clouds and sunshine. And it seems as though the gorgeous weather is here for at least a few more days. Here's what weather.com says to expect for my time in San Antonio:

OK, well Friday doesn't look so great, but oh well. I'll either still be in a food coma or will be inside shopping & snatching up all those great Black Friday deals!

3. Multiple cooking endeavors in the last week that have not turned into disasters, and have actually turned out quite yummy! Of course, I forgot to take pictures to prove it. I guess that just means I'll have to make them again :)

4. I have gotten a decent jump start on my Christmas shopping and actually have ideas for everyone on my list.

**Side story!**
While I was knocking out part of my shopping list over the weekend, I found these:

I told you in this post how much I adore owls, and these are just fantastic! They look like they'll hold a large amount just the right amount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. And the handle? Oh, the handle is the perfect size! I want one so bad! You can find them here, and they're on sale right now! I'm thinking I need a red white silver any color one! (*ahem* hint hint...)

5. I am thankful for dog groomers. My poor baby was looking like a ragamuffin! 
You can't tell so much from these pictures, but she was super shaggy! I took her to the groomer this morning and she came back looking like this:

She is so shiny and so so so soft! She feels like velvet. Plus she looks like she lost 15 lbs. Don't you wish a haircut could do that for humans?

What have you been thankful for this past week?
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