Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: Puppy Cuddles

Yesterday, I told you about my 30 Days of Thankful Challenge.

Today I am thankful for my dog and my quilt.

 A bit of a random combination, yes, but today I am not feeling all that great. Almost every year of the past 6 or so, I've gotten some form of the flu (including swine flu when that epidemic was going around). Each time I've gotten the flu, there have been telltale signs as it starts.

For me, it always begins in my legs. I ache from the inside out, starting in my joints and radiating outward. That lovely feeling then moves into my lower back, into my elbows and eventually into my neck. Within another 24 hours or so, my temperature spikes to 102+. Add coughing, sneezing and a general runny nose to the mix and I am miserable for about a week.

Well my friends, tonight, I am at the neck-aching, runny-nose stage. So far, no signs of a fever, but only time will tell.

That's where my dog and the quilt come in. This is my view this evening:

I think she can tell I don't feel well.

When I'm sick, I love nothing more than curling up in my oversized quilt to rest. And cuddling with my puppy just adds to the feel-better mojo. The only thing that would help more? A giant batch of homemade chicken noodle soup. Maybe tomorrow.

How about you? Do you have any telltale signs when you get sick? And what is your go-to that makes you feel better? Pin It Now!

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