Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: Endomondo

Day 13:
Today I am thankful for handy dandy smart phone apps. You can literally download an app for just about anything you could ever imagine--and then some.

One app in particular that I'm thankful for is Endomondo. It's an app that tracks your workouts, and it's kind of amazing.

Once you download the app, you can log in through various social media outlets or just create an Endomondo-specific account. To start tracking your workouts, simply open the app, select the "sport" you are doing and press the play button. That's it! Endomondo starts tracking your workout.

On Android, you can change the DURATION, DISTANCE and SPEED fields to things like Pace, Average. Speed, Calories, Heart Rate, Goal, etc. I'm sure you can do the same on iPhones, but don't quote me ;)

If you log in through Facebook, the app will automatically upload all of your workouts to your timeline. It will also search all of your friends and see who else you know that may be using it. You can add friends to your Endomondo and see their workouts, what challenges they're participating in and even cheer them on (they can cheer you on too!).

You can go to their website, where all of your workouts are stored. You can see your progress, track how well you're sticking with your plan or your goals and view comments and peptalks people have left for you.

When you click on a workout, it will show your route as well as graphs with various information.

(Notice the gap? I'm just starting my workouts again and wasn't in the habit of starting the app when we started the walk...oops!)

Overall, I really like this app. I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface of what all it can do, but I like what I do know how to do.

Feel like giving it a try? Click for Android or iPhone.

***Note: These are my opinions and mine only, and they were not requested nor been influenced by anyone other than me :)

What apps are you thankful for?

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