Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: A Late Start

OK, so I'm a little behind on this. I have friends all over Facebook updating their statuses daily with what they are thankful for. Even before seeing these posts, I had planned on doing a 30 Days of Thankful challenge.

Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, but I'm retroactively starting today. Better late than never, right?

A lot of people are talking about general things they're thankful for, such as friends and family. I, however, want to focus on something specific each day that I'm thankful for. It gets hard sometimes to stop, take a moment, and truly be thankful for something in the midst of life's messes. That's where the "challenge" comes in.

Day 1: Thankful for a project at work that took me to San Antonio and Austin for the week. Despite going for work, it was nice to get out of Houston for a few days!

Day 2: Thankful for the double rainbow I saw on an otherwise long and stressful drive home at the end of a long week. The colors were so vibrant! It was a nice distraction from the fact that I had been in the car for over 4 hours on a drive that should have taken 2 1/2 max.

Day 3: Thankful for getting to sleep in my own bed. Add to this the fact that my eyes didn't pop open (and stay open) at 8AM and you have one happy girl on your hands!

Day 4: Thankful for Daylight Saving Time. Who doesn't love an extra hour of sleep (or an extra hour to do whatever it is you want!)?

Day 5: Today I am thankful to have people in my life who will hold me accountable in my fitness goals. I'm starting a workout routine today with some good friends of mine. Well, "routine" is a strong word. I'm just starting to get my butt back in the gym after a 6+ month hiatus. It's always easier to follow through with workout plans when you make those plans with someone else.I find it's a lot harder to make excuses when you think about letting someone else down rather than just yourself.

What about you? What are you thankful for so far this month? Please comment and let me know! It's great to be inspired by other people's gratefulness. If only there were more good things that were so contagious!

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