30 Days of Thankful

Some days it gets so hard to do anything but complain. I am challenging myself throughout the month of November 2012 to take a moment each day and truly be thankful for something. Here are links to all of my stop-and-thank moments. 

Days 1-5: A Late Start
Day 6: Feeling Down
Day 7 & 8: 90's Boy Band Flashback + New Friends
Day 9: Shhhh! It's a Secret!
Day 10: Gig 'em Aggies!
Day 11: Thank you Veterans!
Day 12: Champagne and Chocolate
Day 13: Endomondo
Days 14-20: Catching Up
Day 22: Turkey Day
Day 26: A Reminder
Day 28: Iced Pomegranate Green Tea
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